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Official website of the city of Vasto: events, history of city, services to citizens.

Autolinee Di Fonzo: bus schedules to and from Vasto, online tickets, low cost travel.

Official website of Turismo Vasto: tourism portal of the City of Vasto.

Aqualand's official website: the site of the water park.

Official site of the reserve of Punta Aderci: the first reserve established in the Abruzzo region on the coastline.

Parco Nazionale D'Abruzzo: everything you need to know about the oldest park in Italy.

Tremiti islands : the official site.

Abruzzo region: information about parks, tourism, art, culture and history of Abruzzo.



Cretarossa: pottery laboratory. 10% discount on annual courses for our guests.

MisterCi - is a character that combines narrative and theatrical action in a mixture of fun and engaging.

Manufattincuoio - Leather goods. 10% discount on products for our guests.

La bottega della maniglia - Manufacturer of handmade stone plates, buttons, bells and stone handles. 10% discount for our guests of laboratory products and shop.


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